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Website Promotions

eMaven Solutions has been into the foray of Search Engine Optimization services. Kshitiz Media has been promoting websites to the global audience through keyword submission on the major search engines and global online directories. The following procedure is carried out for the task:

A thorough analysis of the website; including the content, the site outlay, the meta-tagging and specifically the category to which the website can be listed on the search engines.

  • Content access rights for control
  • Content approval for structured workflow processes
  • Content archiving and versioning for backups
  • Content templates for consistent output,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, Including a host of around 75 search engines.

We also promote the websites on the global ISPs which include:,,,,,,,, we ensure that the website receives traffic influx from the global audience.

Submission of the website is done specifically on those search engines which provide maximum traffic. There are some search engines which pick for database from other directories. We take special effort to submit the website in those directories like

Submission of website strongly depends upon the meta-tagging of the page, content of the page and the general synchronization of the textual content and graphics of the page. We carry out an overall analysis of the same and bring out a detailed report for the changes to be incorporated on the website.