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Web Application Development

From the good old days of the tag, to the XML-savvy Web services of today, Internet language have come a long way. Likewise, Web application development has also witnessed drastic changes. Kshitiz Media can bring technology and expertise to provide a world class web application.

The user, the business and the data services are the real factors contributing to the business strategies and policies on the web. All B2B (Business to Business) and B2C (Business to Customer) businesses are slowly coming to the online market and trying to create a niche for themselves here. The adoption of a Web applications infrastructure has become crucial steps for many online businesses.

The Web Application Model
The Web application model, like many software development models, is constructed upon 3 tiers: User Services, Business Services and Data Services.

User services: The User Service creates a visual gateway to interact with the application. This can range from basic components like HTML and DHTML to intricate COM components and Java applets.

Business services: Business services can range from Web scripting in ASP/PHP/JSP to TCL, CORBA and PERL, which allows the user to perform complex actions through a Web interface.

Data services:Data services store, retrieve and update information at a high level. Databases, file systems, and writeable media are all examples of Data storage and retrieval devices. For Web applications, however, databases are most practical.