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Development Process

When it comes to building a website, there are certain processes to be followed. All major web projects pose threats in its initial stage, but proper planning and development process can erased out the threats and challenges come along the way.

Virtually, every web projects follows six basic steps of development that should be follow and implement before crafting a final planning and proposal documents. At Kshitiz Media, Kshitiz Media understands the significance of those six elements and firmly follows them to create a unique, flawless and competent website. Kshitiz Media have created a dedicated development atmosphere with quality assurance and high end services to maintain the industry standard in web development process.

  • Plan: This is the very initial steps where you define scope, goals, objectives and prospective market of your business. It is the time to analyze about the budget and resources to be required for the website building. You also need to plan a design strategy for the website.
  • Analysis: In second stage, you need to analyses about the technical support of web with validation tools, assess the information consistency and verify correctness of domain information.
  • Design: After planning and analyzing, this is the stage, where your website will acquire its look and feel as per your plan and analysis about the site.
  • Site Development: Once you done with your impressive designed website, it is the time when the site gets live form. Site development involves the process of building the web using HTML (Hyper Text Markup Language).
  • Promotion and Marketing: Promotion and marketing processes use specific marketing strategies or business models to acquire a strong online presence. These processes handle all public relation issues of the website.
  • Evaluation and Maintenance: Website development process does not end with the site development. Evaluation and maintenance are the two major elements that played crucial roles in drawing attention of the visitors and potential customers. Regular updates, fresh contents are the way to bring repeat visitors to your site. Alongside, evaluate the record of your visitors encrypts by the web server to develop quantitative data for successful existence of the site.