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Search Engine Optimization

In today’s world, the revenue starts from your website. Your customers reach you via a hassle free search for your website. The website is the organization’s location on the World Wide Web. In every fraction of second, millions of online users search for products and services which you are offering in some corner of the world. So, it is imperative to get exposure in World Wide Web.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is a solution to this problem. An efficient and effective SEO service can bring volumes of traffic to your site. SEO is not just about the volume of traffic coming to your site, but it is more about the quality traffic which hits it. Quality traffic means people who are more likely to spend some time at your site, revisit it, perhaps make a purchase, enter their email address, download etc. In this Web 2.0 world, niche content and traffic is valid and profitable.

SEO works on the principle of Keywords/ Key phrases. They are the words that users might enter into a search engine to find information which could potentially lead them to your site. They also indicate to search engines what your site is all about.

Kshitiz Media SEO Methodology: We have adopted a Five Step technique to optimize your website for the best of search engine results.

  • Keyword Analysis and Page Optimization: Kshitiz Media rewrite keywords linking to your web pages, optimizing them for search engine relevance and superior ranking. In addition, Kshitiz Media ensure that homepage and sub page titles, description, alt and comment tags, as well as Meta keywords are appropriately positioned for search engine reach.
  • Site Submission: The optimized website is submitted personally to major search engines on a regular basis. Kshitiz Media re-submits your website on a weekly/monthly basis.
  • Benchmark and Monthly Marketing Reports: Upon submitting your website, Kshitiz Media keep you updated with reports that are validated by search engines. These reports display your website ranking and monitor the SEO progress of your website.
  • Local Search and Maps: Optimizing for local search and Google Maps is an important part of any Non-Paid Search campaign and we have the skills to assist a client to get the most out of any opportunity.
  • Copywriting & Content Management: Apart from the standard inclusion of important keyword phrases in SEO, relevant areas of content, assistance in web content development and copy writing is provided with our web marketing plan, depending on the needs of a client.The results are measurable leading to high ranking of your website on GOOGLE, YAHOO, MSN or any other search engine. It means greater traffic which is actually looking for what you are selling, resulting in sales and business growth.